Cadence Manufacturing (Jenny bits) fusion 360 tool library

since there isn’t a fusion 360 tool library available for the Jenny bits i started one with the bits that i have purchased.


so use at your own risk

that being said, everything in this library has been extracted from the website / excel downloadable and the forum post that has a couple bits with onefinity specific numbers.
if anyone has additional onefinity information from Cadence please post and would be happy to update this library and repost for anyone to utilize.

.tools file below
Cadence (5.8 KB)

a couple things

  1. i didn’t create any of these numbers, just extracted existing info off the website
  2. seems like some of these numbers are redundant since i did input everything they had so edit as you see fit obviously and adjust accordingly.
  3. before you use double check all the numbers yourself (I obviously did this as i use them but i take no responsibility if i missed something )
  4. you will notice when you get into the bits there is a “mk#” this is based on an a approximation of the makita dial setting for said speed

hopefully helpful to someone out there.


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Nice! Thank you for sharing.