Vectric Tool database

I just thought I would share some information I got from email.

I downloaded the tool database for Vectric Aspire and was trying to decide what speeds and feeds to use. The database comes with preset parameters but they don’t always match the information on their website. In fact 3 of the tools I have are pretty far off between the website and the tool database. I sent them an email and asked about which one’s are correct. I’m new at the CNC world so I haven’t ventured to far outside of the recommended settings since I have already broke 2 bits. So I was looking to follow their recommendations and they said that I should be following the downloaded database and not the website because they are updating the website information to reflect what the database is saying to use.

I just thought I would share that info in hopes to maybe save you a bit of two by not using the wrong info if you are new like me.

Good luck and happy CNC’ ing


Joe, did you break your bits using the Aspire recommended feeds and speeds? I have been working on adding the Amana database into my Feeds and Speeds App. The key parameters from the database are the Chip loads and bit dimensional data. Also what material the bit is designed to cut. Aspire does not use the Chip load information as it relates to what material is being cut. The recommended feeds and speeds in the Vectric software are for general cases. Tools today presents the Amana bit data in table form which is directly from Amana. You need to calculate your feed rates using that data for the types of cuts you are making. Or use an App :wink: Once I get my new “Machinist” setup and cutting I plan on getting back to my app development. I was actually surprised with the amount of information that is in the database.

I did not break the bits using Aspire or the CNC explorer. I broke them using the parameters on the table from the website. I was also told by Toolstoday that the database downloaded for Vectric is for the hobbyist and works good for general use. The website settings are basically for Industrial use and bigger equipment. I continue to use the Vectric database and compare it with the CNC explorer tool you made. This was I stay safe.

Joe, thanks. Good to know my CNC Explorer didn’t let you down. Curious though if you broke a bit on a hobbyist machine with the website recommendations I am not sure why using those values on a commercial system would have any other result. In the end its all down to physics, you cant push a bit past its design limits.

I am using the wood worker and this is all new to me. I really thought it was going to be simple like my Laser machine. Boy was i wrong. After watching videos which really didn’t help much and setting things to run at speeds that are incompatible with the life of a bit, i bought the explorer. It has a learning curve but it has helped me considerably! I think someone with knowledge should do a decent video that explains what are the basics of determining the parameters for the stored and feeds. I have even second guessed values from the explorer before thinking the speed are way too fast. I guess it all takes time to get an understanding for the physics of the bits and the do not exceed limits.

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