Gcode Sender for OneFinity

Can the OneFinity use a laptop running Aspire to create Gcode and use Candle or UGS as a Gcode Sender.

The sender is baked into the controller. You will only be able to use the baked in software to send gcode. If you want to use any other sender, you’ll need to change the controller for a different one.

Creating gcode on a laptop is a completely seperate process than sending gcode file to the machine to run.

Thanks of course its separate process but so easy to just create and send or adjust and send. Guess I’ll have to read on how to transfer Gcode from my laptop to the baked in sender.

you’ll either transfer it via usb stick, or log in remotely if you networked your computer and controller and upload via network. once the file is transferred, you’ll no longer need your computer to run it. There’s several videos on our youtube showing how to do it.