Groovee Jenny Tool setting

Can anyone share their tool settings for the 60 degree Groovee Jenny for Vectric? I checked the manufactures website and I do not see the information. I also emailed them but no response yet. Thank you!

60° GrooVee Jenny specs:

Designed by Woodworkers in the USA!

3/8 diameter 60° Vbit on a 1/4" shank
.300" Cut length
85ipm @ 14k rpm and adjust from there

Important Tool Facts:

Down-shear tool geometry
This info is on the web site:
3 flute, with Zirconium Nitride coating.
2" overall length
Solid carbide


Thank you, I seen this on the site. The part i did not understand is .300" cut length. Where is that inputted for the tool?