V-Bits Tool Parameters for Vectric Apps

Hello, I purchased this set of V-Bits on Amazon, and I’m not quite sure about the cutting parameters that I need to populate into the tool database for Vectric Aspire, I show a sample of a 60 degree V-Bit settings. The only details that they offer is the one I show in the photo below. Is there a default or best guess settings that I can use with these bits? If anyone knows what the best approach for me would be here, I’d really appreciate it.



4 Pack V-Bits 15, 20, 60, 90 Degree

I don’t have any of the Vetric products yet but one suggestion if it follows the tool libraries for other products - you might need to create the 15 degree tool as a engraving tool with a flat bottom - you’ll need to measure the flat tip diameter.

For the setting on pass depth, step over, feed rate, plunge rate - I’d reference the Amana values for similar tools as a starting point - perhaps dial them back a bit and make some test cuts and adjust from there.

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Derek, makes perfect sense… That’s one parameter that the v-bits don’t give (the tip diameter), nevertheless, your suggestion is a good one, thanks again!


Why would you need the tip diameter? You look like your good to go with what you have. I think Vectric considers it a point and not a diameter.

the 15 degree bit in that photo seems to have a flat tip, not a point.

The 15 degree, It’s actually the only one that has a flat tip. At first I thought it arrived broke, but no. That’s the way it is.


They refer to these as V-Bits, I wonder if they are actually engraving bits, to be used with the Engraving Toolpaths?