15° and 30° v-bits ... Source?

I’d like to order some bits thinner than the 60° I have. What brand should I try?
(I’d like as sharp a tip as possible. Not something with a noticeable flat or ball)

FWIW the main reason for a ball or flat is that a bit with a pointy tip will have no rotational speed at the point and will basically become a scribe and drag it’s way through the material vs cutting it.

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RIP V-Bits are great. Their 30 degree, 1/4" cut, 3 flute v-bit is my absolute go to for inlay work.


Ok. What’s the minimum I can have without merely scribing? For reference, I’ve been using the Astra 60deg bit for engraving fine lines on coasters.

Most of the bits I use are Amana 1/32" ball tip from 6 degrees to 30 degrees, they work well for inlay work and 2.5d carving. I also have one or two with a 1/32" flat tip, I don’t use them as much but in theory should provide a better flat bottom when the stepover is less than 1/32"

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Try ordering 30 degree Vbits from https://www.cadencemfgdesign.com/ , home of the “Jenny” bits. These are down shear bits (3 flute) which make clean surface cuts even when cutting through “oramask”.

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chek out Amana #45628 and see if that is what you want. I just bought one. 15 degree 1/4 shaft, tip is 0 degree.

Sorry tip is 0 not 0 degree.