Lets talk V-Bits

I currently have a 7/16" CMT 60 deg carbide vbit and a 0.25 frued 90 deg solid carbide bit. My struggle is that both appear to clear an approximate 1/16 flat at the bottom of any cut. This is problematic when i want fine details. Am I asking for the impossible to have a true fine line cut by a rotating v-bit? I assume the bevel angle is causing the cut to be wider than a point.

I have looked at the amana set (AMS-153 and AMS-225) which has the 45,60,90 degree carbide inserts and don’t want to drop that cash if I am chasing the impossible. I realize with those that setup matters and if you do not get the tip centered in the holder a flat will occur in the cut but at least they appear to have a sharp point.

I am also curious if folks are happier with fine detail coming off of a much steeper taper than even a 45 degree? My current use case is cribbage boards and the lines are really nearly engravings more than they are v carves.

Let me know what your opinions on various vbits have been. I am all about cheaper when it makes sense but if these Amana bits are worth their cost, then I am all in.

The 30° engraving bit from Amana produces a very fine line. You can also try using a very small ball endmill, 1/32" or smaller.

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I’m using these: V-Groove & Engraving Bits

I carved a brass plate (.75" x 2.5" size) with the 30 degree, worked great.

I did see they list an actual tip size on some of their v bits. I also checked runout on the shaft of my cmt vbit and it is less than 0.0005" so if I have a bit with 0.01 tip I would still be around 0.015 total width with runout included. I can be happy with 1/64th of an inch.