V Bits 30 60 or 90 when to use

90° V bit versus 60° V bit.

So far I have only used the 90° V bit . It works great. Great for lettering names, and numbers excellent depth and good definition. When would it be appropriate to use the 60° V bit?

If I am carving small text and /or thin lines, the 60° or down to 15° v bits give enough depth to give the needed contrast. If color filling/painting it isn’t as big of an issue. Hope this helps.


As @Clinket said, use sharper angled bits for smaller items. Thin scripted text usually requires a 15º bit. I’ve been filling my lettering with epoxy recently; paint works equally well - just seal the wood first so you don’t get bleeding.



One thing I’d add is to go slow on the Z speed and use ramping if possible with a 15. Otherwise it’s pretty easy to turn that nice pointy 15 degree V into a nice blunt U bit. :grin:

My favorite use for the 60 degree bit is making inlays.

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