How to load these bits into the database?

Hey everyone!

I was hoping someone could clarify how you load this 90 degree v-bit into the database. I know how to get there, but Im a bit confused as to what to enter exactly…

Im getting this error:

These are the specs:

Im not sure about the terminology on any of these bits yet to be honest and it seems like this manufacturer does not mention the “Flat Diameter (F)” as shown above, or they are calling it something different.

I tried to copy settings from the bit just above, but no joy:

Would appreciate some clarification if someone is up to it!?

Thanks much!

Your side angle would be 45º, half of the total angle. The flat would be approaching 0 likely. Depends on the bit. Does it go to a sharp point?

Not sure about the depth of cut issue, seems to be a setting not on this page. I don’t know where that is set. I assume this is Vetric software, I’m not overly familiar with it.

I believe that bit wouldn’t have a flat pattern. It should be a part of the V-bit category.
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I believe you want to degine the Tool Type as V-bit not Engraving.