Harry Potter Resin Inlay Board

This board is a simple resin inlay with multiple cuts and pours. This is not a great picture of it, but this has already been given to someone so I can not get anything better. We did v-carve most of the animals, and during sanding, went down a little too far. So the raven in the bottom right, you can see the wood coming through where it should now. This is before I learned to set the starting depth of the v-carve to your final height when you know you will be taking some off in the surfacing process. I think the wood is oak and maple. There was a mishap while I was cutting the top banner, bit came loose, so we had to make it bigger than it was.

I think that I could do better now than I did then. Learned a lot about carving and resin.



Thanks for sharing your mistakes. Iā€™m learning a lot from all of the posted projects. My nephew would love to have that!