Crokinole Board

My daughter asked me to make her a Crokinole board.
Glued up some 1" pieces of maple. Then cut the entire board out from one solid piece of maple. It was 32 inches square so it just fit in my ONEFINITY. The scoring rings are an epoxy inlay. The post around the 15 point scoring circle are 1/4" polycarbonate rods. Finished with lacquer.


Hi Rex, this board is amazing, great job! Did you use V-Carve?

Yes, I used VCarve. The 32" square piece was a bit of a challenge to work with to get it flattened and to hold it down. The playing surface is exceptionally smooth. I have thoughts of making another one and inserting a layer of Corian in the center. Then I could use my OneFinity to cut out perfect segments for a hexagon perimeter.

Rex, this looks awesome! Iā€™m hoping do something similar for a Christmas gift. Could I get a copy of the plans you used for cutting the board?

Here is the crv file.

Crokinole Board.crv (4.9 MB)

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