Live Edge Cribbage Board

Used my CNC to digitize the profile on this piece of walnut. I then imported the digitized numbers into OnShape where I created a CAD model that had the hole pattern follow the perimeter of the board. Then I exported the hole pattern as a DXF and brought that into VCarve to create the drilling toolpath. The special thing about this board is that it came from a tree on my daughter-in-laws family farm. I gave them the board as a keepsake.


Could you explain the process of digitizing the shape? I’m interested.

Here was my process to digitize the live edge:

  1. Place the board on the CNC, bumping to the straight sections where I could get a consistent X axis.
  2. Put my 30 degree V bit in the router and move it in the Z direction until it is maybe an 8th of an inch above the board.
  3. Use the touch probe, or manually locate the lower left corner and set both X and Y values to zero.
  4. Enter some gcode to move the machine in the Y direction a fixed amount (G91G0Y0.25) (move Y .25 inches)
  5. Manually move in the X direction using the joystick until the tip of the V bit is at the edge of the board, then record the values in a spreadsheet. (Remember to hold down the button on the joystick so you only move in the X direction)
  6. Rerun the gcode command to increment the Y (this line of code is remembered so you don’t have to retype it until you need to reverse direction)
  7. Manually move the X again to get the next value.
  8. Continue moving around the perimeter recording the values.