High Speed Finish Passes

Is my OF woodworker susceptible to momentum induced errors if I drive a really high feed rate during the detail pass of a 3D carve? So long as the material I am carving (in this case, cherry) and my bit (in this case, a skinny jenny) don’t complain, can I go really fast (in this case, maybe 200+ ipm), or at some point does starting/stopping/changing directions of the mass of the z mount and my makita router exceed the capacity of the stepper motors to resist over runs?

The makita can not handle anything over 375ipm at 18950rpm from my tests. I suspect with a proper spindle you could run a 1/4 the full 500ipm in long straight cuts. I run my 1/4 downcut 320 in cherry to clear for my 3d reliefs. The issue is when you have tight turns or cuts that move a different direction there is not enough room for the machine to accelerate to top speed so it just goes as fast as it is capable in that span. The controller software keeps up with this no problem. I use my 1F for my business so speed is important for me and I have not experienced any loss of detail or errors at those speeds. A 1/4 jenny is a compression bit so it requires slightly slower speeds than a standard 1/4 downcut. Probably in the 250-275ipm range at 18000rpm

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John for finishing passes you are not removing hardly any material so you can crank it up as fast as it will go. I run my 1/16 spiral ballnose 350ipm .03doc 8% stepover on finishing passes to clean up quick details.

The onefinity maxes out at 400ipm, so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.


Thank you. That makes me happier to know we are close to maxing out the machines capable speed out the box. Love this stuff.

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Thank you. Since no one mentioned it, I am now assuming the OF maxes out on speed before momentum of the carriage and router becomes an issue.

Zero problems at 350ipm 90dpp
Not the cleanest. Because I went 15% overpass instead of 8% saves lots of time especially for a test cut.