Hitachi vfd upgrade

I have recently upgraded to the Hitachi VFD wj200 with a water cooled 2.2 Kw G-Penny spindle. I want to thank all of those that have posted information helping us newbies.
It took some time to piece together information from different threads and the internet for this layman to comprehend, but it all seems to be working.
If anyone else is working at the same project and needs any info, I will share what I did and my vfd settings if it helps.
Thanks all.

PS . Selling the PWN 1.5kw setup in the for sale section for $650 plus shipping. A good
deal for anyone on the fence about a spindle.

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The ER20 is a great step up

Did you go for the bullet head G-penny?

Yes I did get that one. Just ordered some Superthane tubing for the water cooling.

Nice. I’ve got one sitting in a box patiently waiting for a foreman to arrive…