Hitachi WJ 200 VFD Settings for Analog Control

Can anyone help with the correct settings for the WJ200 using analog control (Masso)?
Thanks, Pat

Have you already reviewed the Masso online manual, and watched some of the videos - such as CNCNutz - related to spindle/VFD wiring?

Yes, I have looked at all of that, and VFD wiring to Masso is pretty clear, I am looking for the internal VFD settings to allow Masso to control the Spindle, I have everything set as I see it should be but get no spindle rpm, I have proper voltage going to the VFD for the speed requested but I am missing something in the VFD settings.
Thanks, Pat

Good to know.

Have you set b031 to 10 to get access to all functions?
What is A001 set to?

I cannot access B031 it skips to further numbers and A001 is set to 01

It is odd that you can not access b031 - I would look into that.
What is A002 set to?
Have you followed the quick start guide to set the initial spindle parameters?

A002 is set to 01, also I have this same VFD motor combo working on this same lathe running under Mach 3 and the CNC4PC C11G BOB, I hated Mach so much that I am converting to Masso.
I am sure it is something stupid, I just can’t see it.
Not sure why B031 is locked out, I thought it was that way from the factory.

It is set that way from the factory as a software lock safety feature.

I am not sure what else to check, especially if you followed all available Masso print and video resources.
Did you try some of the trouble shooting steps?
Perhaps set it to run from the VFD POT to check if that works?
Have you asked on the Masso forum? I know they will help figure it out.

Thanks for your help, I will let you know what I come up with.