No 0-10V spindle voltage on the Masso

I am trying to use a HY VFD and have everything hooked up the way it should be. I’ve configured the spindle on Masso but when I turn the spindle on there is no 0-10V voltage pin 1 on the Masso spindle connector (on the board, not the cable out the back).

The Spindle runs fine if I use the VFD in front-panel mode, so its got to be related to the Masso.

Before you ask, yes I have set the desired speed by sending a S1000 command, but turning the spindle on after that does nothing. So either the Masso spindle logic is dead or there is some other setting preventing it from coming on.

I’m at a loss. Any ideas??

Create a ticket with masso here:

Masso may ask if you have tried their trouble shooting steps…VFD and Spindle Testing

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Yep, I looked at this document. I’m not getting voltage on pin 1 of the spindle connector when I see the speed and start the spindle. I have seen voltage on that pin but it seems to come and go. This is independent of the spindle being connected.

Oddly the spindle does start but instead of stopping at the desired RPM it just keeps increasing. I assume it’s because there isn’t a 0-10V control voltage. I don’t know enough about VFDs to know how this works.

If someone else has a 2.2Kw HY spindle, maybe I could get the VFD settings so I can make mine the same - just in case.

Hey Steve,

the RUN/STOP function and the SPEED (frequency) control function are two different cables. The one may fail while the other still works.

MASSO Documenation: Spindle VFD Examples

You also have to set the correct settings in the MASSO Spindle Control

I don’t have this spindle brand, but if you want to know how to program your VFD to honor the 0–10 V analog input voltage for setting the speed (the frequency), please read the fine VFD manual. It’s explained there.

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Hey Steve,

The spindle start command is M3. It will send the RUN command to the VFD (if connected correctly), except if S is set to 0, in which case it will do nothing.

By the way, as far as I have seen until today, all spindles with max. 24,000 rpm @ 400 Hz must run at least at 6000 rpm. 1000 rpm is too low. In my spindle manual, the spindle operator is told to set this as a minimum limit for the frequency in the VFD settings to prevent the spindle running lower.

The frequency calculates this way.

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The 0-10V setting on the VFD is correct since I can add a potentiometer to the VFD and it works fine.

I’ll do a couple more tests to see if I can at least run this at 6-7K without the RPMs running away.


OK, turns out only the “user” needed adjustment. The spindle works fine at this point, though when I set it to 12000 rpm, the VFD front panel claims it’s actually 16000. So I need to figure out which setting is affecting that

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