Horizontal Lock Buttons Not Working

Today I needed to use horizontal lock buttons. However, it looks like they are not working. Everything else works fine; I can control motion without any issue. It is just those two buttons that are not working.
First, I thought they are like toggle switches. However, when pressing them once didn’t work after repeated attempts, I thought maybe I need to keep them pressed for 3 seconds. That didn’t work either.
It is possible that I am still be doing it wrong.
Any ideas?


I assume you mean the joypad X/Y lock buttons.
You need to keep pressing them the whole time you are moving the spindle. If you let them go at any time then the lock will be off.

And I find you need to press them cleanly in the middle. If I press just a corner of the button - sometimes it does not lock.

And they’re the horizontal ones on the top edge, not the larger vertical ones trigger ones.

Yes those are the ones. Left is for moving X and right is for Y.

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Thank you all. And pardon me for not telling it clearly that it is about JoyPad. Glad you figured it out.
I was just pressing it once thinking it will lock. Now I know I have to keep it pressed. Could not figure it out myself, appreciate the help.
By the way, wouldn’t it be nice / better if the button worked like on/off switch? Keeping it pressed seems too much work for lazy me :slight_smile: Or maybe there is some wisdom in designing it like this that a newbie like me doesn’t understand at this time.

Thanks again,