No Z movement with Joystick

Finally was able to make my first cuts last night and noticed the joystick is not moving Z with the right stick. X and Y work fine, as do the A,B,X,Y for speed settings.

The nexus button has the bottom two quadrants illuminated, not the top two as I have read is normal. However, nothing I do changes the quadrants.

Can some kind soul help me understand what I am doing wrong?


You need to press and hold the button to change modes.

It shouldn’t work this way, but it does. And Onefinity has not fixed it in a firmware update as yet.

Look here:

I definitely held the button in but I will definitely hold it longer and hope it changes. Thanks.

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I have to hold my joystick controller’s button for 6+ seconds, and it then moves the lit quadrant to the two left lights. I then have to press the button again for another 6+ seconds. About 75% of the time it goes back to the original setting (bottom) and I have to start over. If I’m lucky, the top two are lit up.

It’s really annoying :confused:


Did you paid a little extra to get the ‘factory approved and tested’ 1F version?

Didn’t help much did it.

I assume it hasn’t been fixed because they don’t know how to fix it or that it just can’t be made to work the way we would all like it to.

If the other buttons are functional in the default (boot) mode of the joypad why not use it that configuration? Find whatever the code is for those buttons and use that for the X and Y lock and do away with having to change the mode of the joypad every 10 minutes.