How far out does the jtech laser stick out

My OF should be arriving in a few weeks.
Trying to finish up a table for it.
I will be adding the magnetic mount for the jtech laser.
My novice understanding is the laser sticks out further than the suckit dust boot.
Can anyone give me a measurement how far that is?
I want my enclosure to fit.
Thank you

No takers? :slightly_frowning_face:
Someone must have a jtech laser and a ruler.

Wish I could be more helpful. Using my old laser from my xcarve. Bumping up your post.

@wsj-productions You should use this mount. Very neat package.

That’s the one I use. Just attached it to a gopro mount.

Oh. Didn’t realize that. :grimacing:

Yes, that is the mount I will use.
How far infront of router collet will jtech end up being ???

I will measure mine when I get home after work. Will be home at 6 pm central if you don’t get an answer by then. I have the magnetic mount on mine.

Ok, I measured from the flat of the collet nut and I see 4 inches. That’s how far the laser sticks out from the collet nut. At least on mime.

Great thank you. Is that further out than when using the suckit dust boot?

The suckit sticks out about another 1/2 of an inch.

Thanks again. So I am planning on 5" beyond collet for an enclosure.

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You are welcome. Hope this helps


2 ÂĽ inch inches beyond the Suckit boot.

Just the Suckit holder without the dust hose mounted

I am planning to do an enclosure like Mitz…so this is where I placed the unit on my table…hopefully it works. I won’t be working on the laser or stuff for a while as work gets in the way!

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I plan on same enclosure. Will follow.