Jtech 44 laser thoughts

I received a Jtech 44 recently. After a few hours of playing around with it, it seems to work well.

However, this mount is simply abominable, just awful. I like Jtech products but they should have been embarassed to ship this mounting solution. It looks similar to the mount on my 24w, which is so well fitting that it practically leaps into place (with the assistance of the magnets in it). The 44 on the other hand… the magnets don’t seem to have any influence on anything they are so weak. They also are loose in the mounting bracket and fell out, so I superglued them into place. But actually attaching the laser to the mount is a chore. You dont tighten the screws fully, you get them just goldilocks right before pressing down a lot harder on the housing than i am comfortable with to wedge the unit into place. Not “lock” into place, in the sense there is any feedback you’re locked in, just sort of jam it in there.

Has anyone figured up a better solution for the 44w mount yet? Mine has already fallen off the gantry and broken its fan, which was terrifying to watch, so I have a replacement on the way. I’m thinking some sort of side clamping cam lock or similar could be easily 3d printed. The rear mounting plate would need modification.

Also, while it might disturb the sleeker form factor of the unit, having the fan be so prominently exposed on this laser seems a poor idea. Offsetting and hanging some extra laser “shielding” in front of the fan so as to still cover the diode spot but not interfere with the fan’s intake would have been nice. I do not run my laser around others and I wear laser glasses, but it was a very obvious first thought when running the laser for the first time that if you didn’t have your glasses on, you’d get treated to a laser light supernova when viewing the unit from the height of an average man if your glasses were dislodged. Meanwhile, on the smaller lasers, the laser’s output itself is pretty well shielded when your z height is set. Its not perfect but a world better on the 14 and 24.

Overall I like the unit but the mount situation… I just cannot imagine how they thought that was acceptable on a product this expensive. The 44 can’t help being enormous, but the 24 just feels and “handles” like a more well designed amd premium product.

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I agree that the mount is less than desirable. When I received my unit, I couldn’t get the laser to fit tightly into the slots and it wobbled while cutting. Not good. I had to file the screw slot until it could seat properly. It works barely OK now, but I still think it could be better. For the cost, I think you would expect better.

The mount is awful. Has anyone come up with a solution for the 44w?

Jtech messed up my order, they didn’t send me the right mounting plate for the 44w. They sent me a STL file of it, so I 3d printed it. My 3d printed version holds onto the bolts of the 44w super tight. I eventually received the aluminum mount from Jtech, but I like my 3d printed one better, so I continue to use it.

Would you mind posting the file? I filed down the screws and got a better fit but wouldn’t mind having an even better fit, and their old 3d printed mounts were always fine.

The file onefinity 44W thickened.stl is the one Jtech sent to me. the 22 and 11 are my edits to that file. I added wings on the side to hold the body, and thickened it a bit into 11mm and 22mm.
Jtech_44_mounts.zip (119.7 KB)

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I should have added that you should print a quick test fit of my files if you intend to use them. There will be differences between my printer and yours which will need to be factored in to achieve precision.


Cool deal. I may give them a try, thank you.