J-Tech 44 Watt Laser

Received my 44 Watt Laser from OneFinity. When I mounted it on the front of my spindle. I found that the heads of the two bolts didn’t fit into the keyholes properly. It allowed the laser to wiggle a bit with even the lightest touch. I was able to file the heads of the bolts just a bit smaller and then they fit tight and don’t wiggle.

The size of the bolts also don’t match with the thickness of the mount so that I have to leave the bolts a bit loose in order to get the laser to slide in the keyhole. That means that I will be continuously adjusting those bolts so that they don’t become too loose. This is not something I was expecting from OneFinity.

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I bought direct from jtech… Same experience.

Has anybody heard if this issue was rectified? Thanks. I just ordered the 44w and am wondering if I will have the same issue.

This is not an issue, but rather a feature. The bolts are supposed to be loose so they can be tightened completely when it is on the mount so that it can be fully secured to the mount if wanted. In theory, if you wanted to make your machine just a laser machine and never take it off you can permanently attach it by tightening the bolts while on the mount.

If you want to be able to remove the laser from the mount then you can adjust the bolts to have the correct tension to be tight and also be able to come off the mount with some force. If you want to have them stay in this same place permanetly, then you can put a dab of Loctite on them to keep them in place better.


Baloney. A feature? Mine was un-usable until I modified the slot to receive the bolts.

I just looked into the bolts and it does look like the tolerance on the metal mount machining makes it so it doesn’t fully go down if the coating on the bolts are too thick. However, ours does lock in place on ours if you press it down enough. I’ll have the production department and QC check this.

Since the 44W weighs a lot more than the previous lasers we recommend tightening at least the bottom screw to the metal mount from the back to guarantee a tight fit without wobble. This ability to lock it down is what I was saying is a feature.


I had the same experience, JTech sent two new bolts which fit properly.

I really dislike that you have to remove the spindle to tighten these bolts. This is not a quick and easy solution for those of us who swap back and forth from spindle to laser frequently. The back of the laser could have easily had two groves that slide into the metal bracket for more stability, in which case we could leave the two bolts “loose”. I may 3d print something in the future, and if I do I can share the file.

I find my laser is unusable without having the two bolts completely tightened, even with a lot of fiddling around with different tightness’s. At high speeds the laser shifts (when not completely tightened), which is very apparent when engraving. I understand these lasers are very powerful for the cost, but the mounting seems to be a pretty large oversight considering how easy it would be to correct it.

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