Magnetic Mount for JTech

Magnetic mount I made for JTech laser. Gets the bracket out of the way when not using laser.

12x Magnets 12mmx2mm
4x M5x12MM pan head screws
4x M5 flat washers
4x M5 nylok nuts.
2 pieces of 4”x4” 12mm Corian or hardwood of some type.

And some CA glue of course! Love that stuff!


Could you post the files here also? I don’t have Facebook so I can’t access the group there. This looks great.

Thank you very much!

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Great idea Mike! Definitely going this route when I get a laser

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Mike, thanks for sharing your dxf file for your mounting system. I imported it into Fusion and made a 3D-printable version. Attached are the STL files for those that want to print it.

Male Mounting Block v3.stl (298.1 KB) Female Mounting Block v3.stl (318.2 KB)

Also: the recesses for the 2mm thick magnets are 3mm deep to allow ample space for epoxy or e6000 adhesive. If anyone prefers to use CA glue, I could post a version with shallower holes.


(Yes… I need to get some nylok nuts!)


Updated files link. Thanks Paul for doing the STL files.
.crv, .crv3d, .dxf., .stl and notes included.


I have to ask - where is everyone getting their M5 screws, washers and nuts from? I found them on Amazon but have to buy 100 at a time, local stores closed in Ontario so can’t go to find any.

Home Depot or Rona if they are open. You could also use #10 machine screws and nuts from the male block to the JTech slotted mount and use the M5s provided with laser to mount female to gantry.

What would you charge to make me one ?

Never really considered it. I’m in Canada, not sure what is involved for shipping if you’re in the US.

I’m thinking the mailing couldn’t be that much a few $$? If you get time and will make me one let me know what you charge for mailing and all to Colorado zip 80118.

@Eddie, it turns out I have a spare mount that I 3D printed from Mike’s design. You’d need to get magnets, but I’d be happy to mail it out to you. I’ll send you a private message.

Sounds good and you could please explain how to do a private message. I’m thinking USAF = United States Air Force?
USA Airborne Ed

That’s right, Ed! 23 years for me in the USAF. Retired back in 2016 after a fantastic career serving all over the country and Europe. Thanks for your service!

Oh… and for private messages via this forum, just click my name in this thread, and then you should see a “Message” button in blue on the top right. Send me a message with your address in Colorado, and I’ll get you set up.


Thanks Mike - great add!




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Mike, Thanks for posting this. I just printed the mount and plan to use it when my laser arrives next week.

I wanted to ask if you would mind if I used this mount idea for some additional tools. I have a dial indicator mount that I’d like to adapt to the magnetic mount. I also want to design a pen mount using your idea. I will post these when I get them working and acknowledge that it was your core idea and project.

@Daryl have at it my friend! Thanks for asking, interested to see what you come up with for the dial indicator mount. I assume this is for use in tramming?

I’ve been thinking about trying to come up with something for a drag knife using the mag mount but am concerned the magnets might not be strong enough.


I downloaded and use a drag knife from Thingiverse. It fits on the 1/4” router shank. It has 2 bearings and runs with the router turned off. There are a few designs that the guy refined over time.

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@Daryl Could you post the Thingiverse link? I would love to check that out.