How to move orgin point in design

my origin point is the wrong place. how do I move to another corner?


So many people put in no details…We think you are asking about Fusion360 from the subject Line?
I think Pete is showing you how V carve supports different origin points, and at the end of the day it’s
all in the G code file.

You are correct, Fusion 360is what im using.
Someone told me once how to move the orgin point, and it seemed simple but I don’t remember how it was done.

Open Setup in the right side menu of the CAM space to set origin.

Change the WCS origin and position

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From what I remember I don’t think you can change the origin in the design space. I believe you have to move the body/component/assembly itself in relation to the origin until you have it where you want. You can do a point to point move with your target point at the origin. You can’t just select a point and tell fusion to make it the origin. If you only move a body then all the related sketches/references will stay in the old position. It’s kind of painful to be honest. I’m pretty new to fusion so I could be wrong but this is my limited understanding of it

Also keep in mind every component will have its own origin within the browser in addition to the top level origin. Make sure you’re looking at the correct origin.

Changing the WCS only involves the origin for the CAM ops which can be set up to be different than the design origin.