Fusion 360 Help - Probe question

Hey everyone looking for some help, I have a cutting board i have been trying to get cut for a friend and man it’s been a pain lol I just started using fusion360 and i really need to find some good vids but right now i was wondering if anyone can help me with a few things.

I tried to cut the board last night and probed my front left corner thinking it would take that into consideration but it went to the center of the scrap wood i had and started there, I check a vid and it saw to add a prob but i cant see to find that option in fusion Desktop.

I looked online and added the onefinity in the post option now do i need to check mark the “Use machine config and will that set the prob to be used?” Also when you check mark this box it now shows Machine and then Post. I can find the onefinity in Post but not under machine tab

Any help would be amazing guys.

Fusion 360 defaults to the center of the project in the set up (at least the free version does) just like it defaults to mm vs inches. When doing the set up you have to tell it which corner and where on that corner. You have the option of the surface, half way down, or the bottom (spoilboard). It should look like this if you want to zero off the surface in the front left corner. Take note of the quare box in the upper right corner to see how I have the project oriented.

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Hey thanks, so i selected the bottom left and it work and moved to that location but then when i went to make a tool path using 2d pocket my ZYX moved back to the center is there a way of chaning that in the settings i cant seem to find that one.


Before you click on 2d pocket are you creating a setup? Under the “Setup” tab go down to “Work Coordinate System”, open the drop down menu and select “Model Box point”. Under the “Stock” tab you’ll need to change “Stock Side Offset” and the “Stock Top Offset” to zero or it’ll assume you want to leave a little material for a later operation. Once I set this and click “OK” it saves it for all the tool paths to come later.

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Hey thanks so much ill try it tonight on the cnc.