Constantly starting about 5 inches to the left even after homing and xyz probe

Hi everyone. Well I’m really new to this, but I spent the last several weeks getting up to speed in Fusion 360 and got my machine up and running for the first time yesterday.

I have just homed and xyz probed my machine for the umpteenth time today. I’m trying to cut out a simple one word sign.

I’ve done the CAM file in fusion every way I can think of…starting with the origin point at lower left, then the complete opposite of that, starting with the origin point at top right, then tried it with the origin point at the center. All to no avail. Every time I hit the play button, the machine tries to start the cut about 4 or 5 inches to the left of the stock.

I can’t think of what else to do.

Have you actually moved your spindle to the bottom left corner of the material and then probed for X,Y & Z using the touch probe?


Check your stock size and model offsets under your cam setup.

After you probe XYZ manually move the 1f to the lower left corner as close as you can get it (don’t worry about the height/ z axis). On the display does it show the coordinates as 0 and 0 for the X and Y axis? If so then it’s most likely a program problem.