State: Holding ,Message: Program Pause

Hello all,
Being new to CNC with some experience in Fusion360, I thought my problems might be with the set up in Fusion,

I have loaded the file “test cut no|” from “having-issues-with-your-machine-run-this-test-file/830”
First I zero XYZ, to the work piece with the probe, hit home and get message

  • error Z axis position 128.221mm is greater
  • error Y axis position -0.11306mm is less

Then I select start without homing first and get message State-Holding
Message-Program pause

The reason I am trying this file is because the tool will only Z down to about 1/2 inch above work piece
I can not get the machine to cut into the work piece unless I probe the Waistboard then move the work piece into place.

Looking at the picture accompanying the file they have the zero point in the front left corner on the wasteboard, is that where you set zero?

First I zero XYZ, to the work piece with the probe, hit home and get message

The order should be home the machine then zero the work coordinates.

This may be a dumb question, but are you using the OF postprocessor in Fusion?


To Wayward -Yes I have set the zero to the front left corner
To SkyKam -I didn’t include that, when the machine started I selected yes to home the machine. I then
zeroed the machine to the work peace. With trying different ways, I tried selecting home, then to start the
file from the home position.
To Alphonse -
That is not a dumb question. The dumb question is, what is OF postprocessor.
If I remember correctly I downloaded the files from

Onefinity.Journeyman.machine v2022.2.21.1 and Onefinity_Fusion360.cps v2022.2.21.1.

I thank all for your help in this matter

This is what I get from Fusion.

Onefinity.Journeyman.machine -2022-03-29 114240