Z axis issue machine

I am new to the onefinity cnc we where working to cut our own design of hold down clamps we designed the Clamp in Easel as it is what we had with our last system part of the clamp should have cut .78 on a .76 material thickness however it only went .54 anyone had this issue it cut the same project Friday with no issue I did insure all my X y and Z where correct before starting This is 2nd project today i have had a depth problem with the first one was short by .22

The only time this has happened to me is when I didn’t probe for Z correctly. Didn’t put the probe on the material correctly, or some other probe error.

Or, you don’t have the right depth in your g-code.

You are short on both by .22 (.76 - .54 == .22) - my guess is that the probe isn’t sitting on the material correctly when you probe for Z.


Are you running the current version of the Firmware? I had this issue with previous versions of the firmware.

FYI - I’ve had a few errors in the past with X, Y, or Z being off after I run a Z Probe operation. It’s been with older versions of the firmware and usually when I had X, Y near the bottom left corner. That lead to me ruining 2 projects (purple heart wood is not cheap). So - my new process is to always verify X, Y home after I probe at bit change.

whe where just eye baling it was just a test cut on the 2md project

Did you use the probe to set the zero for just the Z axis? Is it possible that when you probed the Z axis you didn’t flip the probe over?