Can’t get machine to cut where i want it too

Hi. I just purchased 48x32 machine, table, probe etc. designed first piece on vetric. Simple design followed instructions by mark lyndsay. Watched a ton of videos to set up. Put piece on, homed, xyz good. Probe left close corner. Joystick going in all the right directions. But…the machine cuts off board. Looks like machine thinks left bottom corner is actually top right corner. Tried moving probe to top right corner and on homing two times in a row the router tried to crush the probe on homing sequence. Thankfully didn’t break but z was off for some reason. Tried again just repeating probe front left like videos, just a profile cut rectangle and same thing with it cutting off board. Can’t find a post relating to this exact issue. Picture here.

Thank you for any feedback. Im new. I’m thinking wat my my wife’s eyes look like…im in way over my head!


So you homed it when it powered on and the router came to the left front corner of the machine?

Then you used the “Probe XYZ” in the OF’s control panel to set the project home position to the front left corner as well? Did you use the OF probe or did you do it manually by jogging the router & bit?

What is the origin set in the VCarve project? Lower left?

Jim, thank you.

Yes that sounds like my initial program. I just watched video after video. turned machine on, homed it, then XYZ’d it with the probe on the left front corner. got good readings then the machine just cut where I wasn’t. I did it with included onefinity probe not by manual.

Origin? not sure what that is. looked back at the project. the XY datum? that is set at center 0/0. origin sounds like it could be the issue if I can adjust that somehow.


That’s it.

In VCarve the project definition panel has settings for thickness, size, etc and a picture of a square with dots around the edges and one in the center. That sets the origin. You want the project origin to match the machine’s XY home position. Since you’re setting the machine to the lower left corner, you want to click on the little dot/circle in the VCarve setup lower left corner as well.

Alternatively, you could find the center of your material and probe the XY to the center but you can’t use the OF probing block for that.