How to properly clamp


I’m doing my first project on the OF and I don’t want to run the last tool path because it looks like my dust boot will crash into the oops clamps.

What would you do in this case? Only thing I can think of is to use a larger stock piece in the future so it doesn’t hit, or just glue or use some brad nails. Thanks for your input


Use a shorter T track bolt to keep it low profile. The bolt length may need to be tailored to the stock thickness to keep it below the dust boot.


In this particular case I’d raise the dust boot and complete the project if that is the only thing that will hit the clamps. In the future I’d try to center your stock between 2 T tracks and clamp at 4 points outside tool paths. If the workpiece is too small then you can try some side clamping fixtures and/or double sided tape or the blue painters tape with CA glue method.


I would have used double sided tape for sure. Convenient and easy to use.

In your current situation friction clamping from the sides.


You could use the long bristles on your dust boot too. Just be careful not to let the router crash into the acrylic plate.

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I use glue drops , they really have a good hold…

Fevicol Glue Drops - 48 Glue Drops (Pack of 10)

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After posting this I wondered if anyone else had previously posted something like it. I don’t see any but it could help with this situation.

Has anyone tried the blue tape with CA glue method? I just did with some acrylic (worked great), But…when i went to remove the tape from the spoil board, glue leaked through the seams and made a major mess of the spoil board. I think i will have to resurface it. Any ideas on how to avoid the mess?

@BlkDragon ,

I use blue tape frequently when I’m running through the table saw and router. While different application, same objective and cleanliness is desirable.

I found that If I align the two pieces of tape so that the centers are as close as possible, this significantly helps. I apply dots or a very thin bead down the center of one piece of tape and then sandwich the work together. This helps to prevent squeeze out on the seams and because the amount of glue is thin, it will dry more quickly without the need for accelerator. You’d be surprised by the holding power but I suggest that you experiment a little.

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Thank you Timberly, now that i look back at it, I probably used too much CA and i used thin. Probably should have used less and a medium. Live and learn I guess.

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