We have a reddit page as well.


What’s up with the reddit presence? It looks like it’s been a year since anything happened in r/OnefinityCNC and similar since u/onefinitycnc posted. Would love to join the group there as well and help drive the discussion.

Channel overload; Facebook, Forum, Reddit, Instagram, email… Which channel should one use for what purpose, or is that too easy :grin:

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I was confused too… Turns out its set where only approved users can post there…

I made a new subreddit called Onefinity

Hoping we can get some active users there as I’m on reddit much more than this forum.

Changed it so anyone can post! Didn’t realize it was restricted!

  1. This forum has a very good software behind it. Not only does it look good, but different things were consciously implemented differently compared to many traditional web forum software (What’s different about it?). It has very good functionality and offers nice things like Anonymous posting, File attachments, Hide spoilers, Embeddable polls, Desktop notifications, Auto-save drafts, Post revision history, Personal messaging, Drag & drop image uploads, and Collaboratively edit wiki posts. This forum’s software,, is at same time a hoster for discourse forums and a fully free and open-source software.

  2. Facebook: Facebook is not WWW. It is a closed community and it totally contradicts the idea of WWW inventor Tim Berners-Lee for the free participation of everybody on the world.

The World Wide Web was non-proprietary, making it possible to develop servers and clients independently and to add extensions without licensing restrictions. On 30 April 1993, CERN announced that the World Wide Web would be free to anyone, with no fees due. Coming two months after the announcement that the server implementation of the Gopher protocol was no longer free to use, this produced a rapid shift away from Gopher and toward the Web.
World Wide Web - Wikipedia

Facebook is not open, and it is not free. If you want to participate to facebook, it is not free (don’t believe it) nor are the software and its algorithms open.

  1. Reddit: Since we have 1.) why 3.?

  2. Instagram: See 2.

  3. E-Mail: This forum has integrated mailing list functionality.


The Subreddit is restricted again.

fixed. No clue why it changed.

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