Huanyang 220V 2.2kW VFD grounding and EMI issues

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if you are in North America it is likely that you have Split-phase electric power which means you have 120 V between one hot and neutral and 240 V between to hots of different phases. So if you want to attach a VFD for 200-V-class single-phase input, you connect it between two hots of different phases. The neutral has nothing to do here! Your image Nr. 2 is extremely wrong! Don’t experiment with this if you do not know what you are doing. And Image Nr. 1 is lacking the ground between spindle and VFD (which you added correctly in Image 2 as the green line, but this is not shield! Please understand that the PE wire (Protective Earth) is mandatory (all the way through from spindle to ground on VFD, and then to ground contact on wall outlet!), and that PE and shield are something different (even if they are both connected to ground)! A shield does not replace a sufficiently dimensioned PE wire!

Please read the VFD manual and the spindle manual and follow the instructions exactly, and ask an experienced electrician or electrical engineer before attempting this.

Also I would not recommend to try to wire a spindle to a VFD yourself without having read this:

As for ground, it is dangerous to omit correct grounding.

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Image 1: A typical spindle cable for use in a power chain: Shielded 3+PE cable for a three phase spindle. Cables especially made for drag chains are e. g. LAPP ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC FD 810 CY (shown in the image above) or IGUS chainflex® . So far for the cable from VFD to spindle.

And now for the input of the VFD, read your VFD manual:

Symbol     Function Description
R, S, T   Input terminal of AC line power.
          (220V class, for both single/three phase,
          **single phase connected to any two phases**)

This means between the wall outlet and the VFD, you need a 2+PE cable and you wire it to only two of R,S,T (and PE wire from ground on wall outlet to ground on VFD). Neutral has nothing to do here, if it’s a 200 V class VFD model and you have split-phase electricity in your house! And the third contact on input is left unconnected here! (Note that R,S,T are only used all three if you also have three-phase electricity in your house, which is unlikely in North America).

But not with the 220 Volt model!!

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