Incremental steps off machine settings password

Have a few questions for everyone

  1. When you go into settings, what is the admin password? The time is off on my foreman, and I want to adjust it to the correct time, and if I ever need to be in there for anything else I should know it.

  2. When I jog the machine in the increment mode, say .100 steps, it moves .1008 every step, How can I fix that? I’m sure it’s in settings also!!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped my wife surprise me with my new Elite Foreman!! It’s great and I look forward to giving a go!!

.000x is such a small (like microns) distance it’s a rounding number error. There is no fix as no hobby cnc can travel that precise. Basically, that travel button is not used on the onefinity, only on 100k + machines.


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