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hello an info but in the f1 programs the tool path is only in G0 G1 G2? or does it also have cutter radius compensation G41 G42?

Click “CHEAT SHEET” in the left pane to access descriptions of all G and M codes, but for offline reference too - CAMotics - can be viewed - specifically a checkbox at the bottom of the list can show unsupported GCodes:

Cutter Compensation Parameter Description
G40 Compensation Off
G41, G42 D Cutter Compensation
G41.1, G42.1 D L Dynamic Cutter Compensation

G41/G42 are Not supported.

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Thanks for the tip even if it is a bad surprise for me.

but if a figure is narrow or wide, do you have to put your hand to the whole program?

So, doing inlay work is pretty much out?

Inlay work is not an issue, there are many examples on the forums created by users, search for v-carve inlay to find some examples. For the most part we are all generating our g code using CAD/CAM and cutter compensation is applied in software so G40/G41/G42 is not a needed. It would be a ‘nice to have’ feature to be able to accommodate cutter wear if you want to reuse the same g code over and over while regrinding cutters and updating the tool library but I don’t think that is much of a concern for most users here, particularly those working in wood.