Fusion 360 Post Processor Issue

Like all the other Mac users that are new to CNC am looking for a good gCode processor. I am not new to CAD, been using SketchUp for
Many years and I am happy with it.

I downloaded the personal use version of Fusion and it looks relatively simple enough to learn the CAD functions or to bring in models from other software.

I am using the OF post processor but having an issue with the gCode. I am getting “ Radius Compensation Mode Not Supported “. I assume it has something to do with circles and arcs. I am reading the OF always changes them to line segments anyway.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you setting the tool compensation to controller in Fusion? G41/42 is not supported by the controller you should set compensation to “in computer”

That did it, thanks a lot.

I was following a manufacturing tutorial made by Autodesk for Fusion 360 and he explained what tool compensation was and I know I didn’t need it, but didn’t talk about the options, just said to use “wear”.

His part was metal and his machine was a real milling machine so I was trying to pay attention for things like this that would be different for me but I missed this one. I am going to have to look at the gCode closely to see if he glossed over

Sorry about the premature post, sometimes my hand gets lazy and touches the trackpad unexpectedly. Thanks again.