Input Cable Connector

I recently purchased the 1F X50 Woodworker and would like to use my JTech 7W laser kit that was installed on my current X-Carve CNC. I have the X-Carve input cable that connects from JTech laser controller to X-carve but will need to install proper end connector for the 1F controller.
Can anyone confirm the proper connector for the laser port on the 1F controller?
I did find the proper cable available from JTech but the shipping costs to Canada are high.


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It’s a Molex Microfit 3.0 dual rows.


Thanks @ben for the connector details. I was able to buy the required connector and pins through
Does anyone happen to know which laser pin (upper/lower) on the back of the Onefinity controller is + and -?
Maybe @OnefinityCNC can point me in the right direction. I tried searching through the support documents but could not find details on controller pinouts for laser port.

Thanks again.

Did anyone figure out the polarity for the TTL? The clip points downward (when the box is mounted under the table) So, question is:

for the polarity

A. clipside + ,non-clip -
B clipside gnd, non-clip +