Input Cable Connector

I recently purchased the 1F X50 Woodworker and would like to use my JTech 7W laser kit that was installed on my current X-Carve CNC. I have the X-Carve input cable that connects from JTech laser controller to X-carve but will need to install proper end connector for the 1F controller.
Can anyone confirm the proper connector for the laser port on the 1F controller?
I did find the proper cable available from JTech but the shipping costs to Canada are high.


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It’s a Molex Microfit 3.0 dual rows.


Thanks @ben for the connector details. I was able to buy the required connector and pins through
Does anyone happen to know which laser pin (upper/lower) on the back of the Onefinity controller is + and -?
Maybe @OnefinityCNC can point me in the right direction. I tried searching through the support documents but could not find details on controller pinouts for laser port.

Thanks again.