Introducing the Onefinity Suckit Dustboot Pro

The Onefinity Suckit Pro Model comes with all the bells and whistles to give you the most effective dust control solution available! The Pro Model comes with 2 Brushes (1" OAH and 1.5” OAH), 3 Router Hole Plates (two 1" hole and one 2" hole), 1 set of Aluminum Height Adjusting Locks and a Magnetically Hinged Rear Clip.

What’s included: Directed Suction Shoe with built in 2 1/2" Vacuum Hose Adapter, Polycarb Arms, 1.5" OAH Brush, 1" OAH Brush, 3 Router Hole Plates, 1 set of Height Adjusting Locks, Magnetically Hinged Rear Clip and all necessary hardware.

Note: Only works on Onefinity CNC’s


Next we need a Suckit Smokeboot for the J-Tech laser