Laser and Suck it Dust boot go crack

Is it just me or are the Jtech laser mount and Suckit Dust Boot incompatible? Didn’t notice at first but when the spindle goes low, say for a Vcarve, the laser mount crashes into the dust boot and, well you know the rest. Not sure if anyone has a solution other than toss the Suckit, kind of a hard pill to swallow at what it costs.

I ended up buy a new boot when I cracked mine. Its $27.50 USD plus tax and shipping. I need some other accessories, I know its hard to swallow having to buy more parts again.

Suckit “Directed Suction” Shoe (SHOE ONLY) | Onefinity USA (

Damaging the dust boot was a bummer for sure, but I just glued it back together. It’s not pretty but it still sucks dust, lol. After messing around with it for a while, I came up with a solution. I just removed two of the 4 screws that hold the laser mount on and slid the mount all the way up, securing it with only 2 screws, seems perfectly stable with the laser on and doesn’t interfere with the dust boot.

PWN CNC makes a rear boot. I use it and it works well. Using a shop vac though.