Broken dust boot

the suck-it dust boot works great for my project but…it has already broke. is there a better replacement? Something more heavy duty?
This may sound like a little problem but the 1F creates a lot of dust and chips and running the machine without a dust boot is a big mess.
If your experience shows the “suck-it” is the best option so be it but if you have found a dust boot that works better please post it.

OF does offer a new dust boot that has the hose in the back. Not sure if it is more robust or not. Just curious, what broke exactly? I’ve abused mine and it is holding up well.


It broke on the side where the magnets connect to the dust boot

I made a similar mistake in one of my first milling projects :cry:

1F offers spare shoes, SVGs for the shields but if you broke the side arms (I did) your options are instant glue, ordering a full kit or designing and milling your own replacement…

I had started designing replacements side arms when then they released the infinite dust collection (which seems to have disappeared from the store…) so I eventually got brand new side arms…

Let me know if you’d like me to share the draft project (Fusion 360 for 12mm Delrin). Warning: it’s close to final but not 100% tested yet.


Ben - here’s the direct link - (love that URL ;))

That’s what I was mentioning.

Yes, that the one! For some reason, it was not showing up on the store yesterday (or I did not look close enough)

@ben mind sending me that fusion file? Had an accident and need to make some new arms.

Here is it. As I said, it probably will need some polishing as I eventually ordered the new dust collection and so I did not need to cut. Please post the improved version, if you have a chance.

The small part on the side is a guide to:

  • cut the rebate on the underside. It should leave just enough of the arm that you can make the rebate, e.g. with a file
  • drill the hole through the arm where the screw passes through

Lateral Arm 1F.f3d (254.1 KB)