Suck It Router Sheilds SVG's

Use these to cut your own replacement router sheilds.

(Right Click, Save As .svg file type for these two)
Router Hole Plate 1 Inch SVG

Router Hole Plate 2 Inch SVG

Or these are for Adobe Illustrator
Router Hole Plate 1 INCH (03.27.2019).AI (7.5 KB)
Router Hole Plate 2 INCH (03.27.2019).AI (7.7 KB)

You can find material at lowes:

Cut with either a laser or a cnc endmill.

Fusion 360 users use this (thank you @rockytoptim ):


Thanks for putting these files up. My router plate didn’t last very long. I went over to Lowe’s tonight and they all they had in the OPTIX 0.080-in was only 8X10 pieces. I bought two sheets of that. I was able to get 6 of the 1" holes on one sheet. Can get 6 of the 2 inch holes out of the other. I am good for a little while. It took 3 minutes to cut out 6 pieces.


what bit did you wind up using?

I used a Freud single flute spiral upcut 73-762 bit.


How do i save the svg files. When I click, save as it doesn’t save as a svg format, but rather an html

@Chippuccio you will want to right click on the link not left click and do Save as link.

It will save it as a file to your PC.

It’s great that Onefinity has provided these files. However, the best material to use is NOT acrylic, but polycarbonate. Order 1/16" (.0625" or .06") Lexan, Makrolon, or other brand. Available on Amazon or eBay. Download the files and import as vectors into Vectric VCarve (Pro, Desktop, or Aspire). Clean up the files by converting to curve using Bezier curves. Mount the polycarbonate using painters tape and CA glue; bit: O-flute spiral upcut, 1/16" profile outside. ~45 IPM, 12,000 RPM, depth of cut .04. The result is an unbreakable router shield.


I will have to try that out next time I make some. So far I have only broke the shield that came with my Onefinity. I think I learned my lesson on that one. Right now I have 5 spare 1" holes and another sheet for the 2" holes that I haven’t gotten around to cutting out yet.

What specific bit did you use? Brand, Model, etc.

Onsrud #63-751 O-Flute 1/16"

Thanks, I will definitely use it.

silly question. I think you leave the protective film on the polycarbonate when carving. Correct?

In this case it doesn’t matter. In most cases I leave it on. If I am engraving I take off the film on the upfacing side.

I must say, Thank you OF Team. I was preparing to design these and cut. Since receiving my machine and as a newbie CNCer, I thing I have broken all of these… Due to some bowl cuts, not changing out plates when needed and all. Rookie mistakes. My cuts came out perfect and was fast. Well, maybe not perfect, but I got some cut out. My dimensions of my material I forgot to reset causing wasted time cutting air. Anyways, Thank you again for your continued unprecedented, professional, and courteous customer support. Each day I read the comments on here and the praise for your team is so well deserved.


Anyone cut these out with laser. What power/speed settings did you ise

I use a 60w CO2 laser… 15 mm/s at 30% power.

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The 1f supplied .SVGs also cut just fine from a 8x10 sheet of 0.093 Lexan polycarbonate from the local big box.

I didn’t see any need to cleanup the svgs…just imported them into CarbideCreate. Cut using a 1/16 generic upcut endmill.

The 8x10 size nets 6 replacements.


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Wish I had seen this BEFORE I sketched up my own, thanks for supplying! Haven’t cut yet, so will use these instead. Importing SVGs into Fusion 360 loses any scale information though. In case anyone else needs a scale reference to to use with F360: It looks to me like the “1 inch dia. hole” isn’t actually 1 inch, so I recovered the distance between the flats on the long edges using the AI file as 2.904". (Scaling a sketch precisely can be done with the procedure in SVG file imports with a wrong scale into Fusion 360 | Fusion 360 | Autodesk Knowledge Network )


SVGs should be exported at 96dpi and then they will import into Fusion at the correct scale.

Maybe @OnefinityCNC can create some just for us Fusion users

Here is Fusion 360 file. I made from the SVG’s. Just change extension to .f3d from .pdf
1 Inch Suck-it Shield v3 .pdf (371.2 KB)