All set up but broke the acrylic plate on the "suck it boot"

So I finally finished putting my machine, QCW and folding stand together today. It was pretty exciting just to flick the switch and play with the wireless controller. lol

I did break my first item though. I was bringing down the router toward my newly installed “suck it” dust boot and the collet went right through the acrylic piece. I wasn’t paying attention as everything has been so precisely lined up. Luckily they gave me another one in the package but I felt like an idiot.

Has anyone else done this right off the bat?

Here’s a shot of my current set up.



We have all been there…

That is part of the reason I started making these magnetic ones out of polycarbonate instead of acrylic.

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You can also cut your own using the SVGs from Onefinity


Thanks John! I’ll def look into this!

By far, the use of acrylic for this part is the worst, unfathomable, unfortunate, unforgiveable decision by Onefinity, who otherwise are sterling thinkers (well, except for the original monitor mount, too). But seriously - I have several Suck-It style plastic inserts that I cut from polycarbonate. (I since upgraded to the excellent PwnCNC brand boot). I’d be glad to send them to you in the meantime. I think I went through 2-3 SUckIt acrylic plates before I threw in the towel and moved on.

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Thanks for the info Michael! Maybe I should be looking into the PwnCNC brand boot? For now though, I need to work with what I have or my wife is going to make me live in the shop… which isn’t all bad! lol

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Lol. I’d be glad to send you my polycarb inserts in the meantime. You can email me at mwaddell@mwdb.c*m

IMO the Suckit boot works fine but you need to consider the insert plates as a consumable item.

Don’t sweat breaking them

Use the free svg from 1f to make a bunch of replacements from poly carb sheet you can buy from your local big box.



I will raise my hand on that! It was the first thing I broke after I assembled my set up (exact same setup you have!). I loaded up my surfacing bit and sent that baby right thru that acryllic plate, thats when I realized just how much I need to pay attention. I installed the backup one and no issues since, but I did find a stl file on thingiverse so I can 3D print my own if ever needed.


@mwaddellus I think the reason for is that you can laser cut the acrylic vs polycarbonate which has to be be milled. If I am correct, than that would have substantially increased the cost.

My two main issue with the Suck-It Boot was the swapping of the plates. Un-screwing and re-screwing every time i want to use a flattening bit then switch back to a narrower bit was a pain. I fixed that with some magnets and the flimsiness of the injection molded arms, which I fixed by machining out some replacement arms out of polycarbonate. Since I replaced the arms I haven’t had any issues with them popping out. Been much happier with those two tweaks.


Thanks for letting me know! I don’t feel so bad now. :facepunch:

I’ll have to download the file and attempt to make my own at some point.

You are correct. Although you can technically laser polycarbonate, it results in discoloration and often slaggy cuts. Thinner material works best which is in our favor for shields but does not change the discoloration in the heat affected zone. Typically polycarbonate is milled instead to avoid these problems.

I hear you. I reserve the right to be disappointed in a flimsy part of an excellent machine.