1f ate my Suck It dust boot

Didn’t realize I need to be in the habit of verifying that the Suck It Boot brush is fully seated with every cut.

Yesterday it appears that one of the ends of the brush (short brush) fell out of the channel that it normally sits in. All the sudden my router changes pitch like its under load, I hear a pop and a bang and the next thing I know the Suck It is laying about 10 feet away.

Close inspection of the router showed plastic cooked to the top of the 1/4" end mill I was using. There were large chunks of melted acrylic on the spoilboard and the top left quarter (9 o’clock to 12 o’clock position) are missing/broken on the Suck It.

The ONLY thing I can figure is that the brush became unseated and was drug into the spinning bit. When I checked the other leading edge of the brush it was loose as well.

I’ve been on these boards since about January and hadn’t seen anyone post about this.

I’m not really happy about it, but I went ahead and ordered another Suck It because dust sucks… Guess I’ll make sure to inspect the brush before every cut in the future.

I feel your pain!
I had something similar in that it appeared the brush got hung up while moving in an X direction. (I probably had the suck-it too low in the 1st place) The whole thing came loose of the magnetic arm and boom, plastic parts everywhere! I’ll probably replace it with a pro model shortly but, for the time being anyway, it is working with some very sticky tape holding key parts together.

I’ve already ordered a replacement Suck It, but I’m also going to try out this one I found on Etsy as well.