Poor suction and dust control

I am using the Fein Turbo, Dust Deputy, and Suckit Boot Pro (all 6 months old). Initially I thought it worked okay but now it seems that the dust and shavings go anywhere but the vacuum. When the job is finished and I take the vacuum off it easily sucks everything up. If it matters it is in the enclosure designed by Mitz P, recommended Makita router, and Gcode generated in Fusion 360 with the recommended post processor for OF. Most of the carvings I have done are using 2D or 3D adaptive clearing. Waiting on my PWNCNC boot from OF but printed it out and am assembling it currently.

Any ideas where to continue troubleshooting?

Are you adjusting your boot so the whiskers touch the workpiece (at the start of the cut, and during if significant material is removed)?

Yes, the brush drags along the wood.

Is the plastic plate (with the hole in the middle for the bit to pass through) still in tact? My cracked and had a piece break off recently and that seriously affected the suction.

That could definitely be it. I moved the boot up once and forgot and the spindle broke it when it moved down.

I thought I replaced it but it still looks cracked.

you’re using the one intended for large bits, but you have a small bit installed, swap to the smaller plate.

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Here is the current setup from 2 views with the 1/4 inch bit in place. There are several cracks and air gaps so that could be it.