AAGGHH Dust Boot Brush will NOT stay in

The brush will NOT stay in, no matter what I do, it keeps popping out!!!

I pushed mine in with the edge/point of a putty knife. That was the only way I could get it to seat properly. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the help my friend. I have been able to get it all the way down into the channel, but it just keeps popping back out, usually on the back side first.

How old is your boot? Other posts seemed to indicate there may have been a mfg defect from the 1F supplier that caused trouble with brush seating.

I got the machine about 3 months ago, but I had to build a table for it and learn fusion, so Iā€™m just now getting things put together. UPDATE I emailed support and the IMMEDIATELY sent out a replacement, so they must be aware of the problem. GREAT RESPONSE TIME AND GREAT SUPPORT!

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