Rosin Paper Love

Well guys after a very long day of troubleshooting stupid issues that started from a loose wire and progressed into dust collection and seized up guide screws. I have tuned up the entire machine lubricated and added these basically free ball screw covers for the sides out of two layers of Rozen paper and some duct tape. They actually seem to hold up incredibly well and did their job perfectly. Cheers.


Another great idea! I used a strip of bubble wrap on each side that I attached with blue tape. Using tape makes it easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning.

Yours looks much cleaner though. Like wise, mine seems to keep a good percent of dust off the rails too.

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I use vinyl plank flooring. A full plank on each side no cutting or anything and can slide it in and out if needed in a few seconds.


I would work on improving the dust extraction. There should not be that much dust on the spoilboard. It looks like there is a big gap between the spindle and the dustboot. I would recommend longer hair and move the dustboot up. I also use painters tape to close the hole on top of the dust boot. If the spindle goes too low the only damage I have it torn tape. Last time I cut MDF there was virtually no dust.


Hey ,

is this the the new PwnCNC v9? Did you compare it to other dust boots, like the PwnCNC v7? Or to the Nighthawk for 80mm spindle with 2.5" dust collection? Here you can see this dust boot with a 70 mm (2.5") hose with Dust Deputy to Shop Vac setup that is said to leave ZERO dust: Elite Foreman: Dust Collection: Dust Deputy 2.5 + Shop Vac Tested.

I find @RexH’s 3D printed parts great. Look at this one. Sad that it’s only for the 65 mm hand trim router.

Further reading

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That is the pwn tube bundle. After spending 260 on a dust boot kit that I still need to add longer bristles, more adapters and have had their 3d printed support arm crack in the first day just not that thrilled with it. I had a 3d printed one that sucked from the front and left absolutely nothing. Taller materials and the boot won’t clear, deep carves almost pointless, when the bristles go passed the spoil board dust shoots out. Plus you have to reduce 4” dust collection to 2.5” which then gets further reduced to about an inch and has been clogged more than once. Pwns caliber of 3d printing and alignment for their components is quite good, the bracket that supports the tube should not be printed though. Personally I hate this f-ing dust boot and I’m not spending more money time and money on it. going to 3d print another one out of abs and go back to that. If all you cut is sheet goods this might be good for you but I’m really not a fan.

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Crazy to see that much dust!

My dust boot virtually sucks up everything, no dust even when I cut MDF.

Here again the link.

Bill, for the amount of money you spend on dust boots you can buy a printer and print your own.

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