Elite Foreman: Dust Collection: Dust Deputy 2.5 + Shop Vac Tested

I debated at length before choosing to use a Dust Deputy 2.5 and the Karcher Vacuum (It’s like a Festool Vac) vs using a large cyclone.
I landed on the DD and the Vacuum because I didn’t want the noise of the cyclone, nor be running a 3HP machine for hours/days only to service the CNC.

I have to admit that I was a little concerned that it would not be effective.
I tested the system last night with a 2" surfacing bit and a deep cut (MDF top surface had got wet and swelled) and I am pleased to report that using the combination along with a Nighthawk (Sola Fide designs) dust boot, I saw ZERO dust. Really quite incredible.

In summary, a good shop vac with SMOOTH BORE 2.5" flexible tube (available from Oneida) and the Dst Deputy provides more that sufficient flow.

To eliminate any remaining doubt, look at the photograph and you will see that directly behind the machine is a 4" dust port that is one of the drops to the 3HP Cyclone (Oneida) that services the rest of the shop. It is not being used :slight_smile:


I have the same setup except the Nighthawk (using the suck it) and it too works to fully remove all chips and dust. I have the Night hawk on order as the Suckit is a pain, I prefer the dust hood moves with the spindle.
Thanks, Pat

Super nice setup! I ordered my Elite Foreman 2 days ago. Just curious which spindle you’re using, and also how did you come to choose the Karcher Vacuum over the Festool or Fein models? I am unfamiliar with the Karcher brand and would like to hear your thought process in case it’s something I need to consider for mine as well. Thanks!

Does the NightHawk work with the beefier Z on the Elite?

Yes. The original he sent out to me did not but before I could even use it (was waiting for the Elite). He apologized profusely that the beefier Z was causing a problem and shipped out a replacement. Really have nothing but positive things to say about the experience.
The new version has a narrower top to allow clearance with the Z axis and because it’s narrower (and to maintain strength) the new piece is cut from Polycarbonate instead of Acrylic.


So great to hear that the Karcher/Deputy/Nighthawk combo work so efficiently at dust control. I have the same setup (Foreman any day now, Karcher vac, RR Hose boom and 2.5" Nighthawk) except using Dust Stopper instead of the Dust Deputy… A few questions about your setup if you don’t mind…

  • What surfacing bit are you using? I was afraid to purchase a 2" surfacing bit for fear there wouldn’t be enough space to clear the brushes.

  • Is there any advantage to attaching the hose boom to the rear right (like you have it) vs the left side?

  • Also, I see you have a hose clamp attached to the spindle itself. Did your boom setup come with 5 clamps or did you find the need to add that additional clamp separately for stability?

  • Lastly, are you running the Karcher at full power or did you find it could be run effectively at lower speeds? In my testing of the Karcher, I find it does output quite a bit of heat when running at full power. I may switch to my Dewalt Stealthsonic vac as it’s even quieter than the Karcher and test to see if it runs any cooler.

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I am using this bit

It’s cheap and I had it lying around from a slab flattening job I had a while ago.
It did the trick with no complaints.

Boom can go on either side. Access was easier on that side for mine given the corner

I am not sure I need that clamp. The boot has strong magnets and I think I could just omit it

At the moment running on full power but i have only done one cut so not really had time to test it. It’s not that loud anyway (especially under the table). It worked so well in this case that I would not be surprised to see it turned down to 25% and still perform


Thank you! Appreciate the info.

That is a great set up! I’d like to do something similar. May I ask what the model of Karcher vacuum is?

Thank you very much!

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That’s the Karcher NT 30/1 Tact Te HEPA. Karcher has recently discontinued this model but you can still find them in other online stores.

What wheels are those and how are they mounted?

descibed in detail here:

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I’m excited to get my Onefiniti Elite Journeyman. Current delivery is August so I have time to get my table and dust collection set up right.

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