Brush not staying seated

See the image below. The brush stays in the groove with no issue except the front section where the hose is to be connected. I can press it all the way in where it is seated, but as soon as I release it, the brush pops back out. I have removed the brush and reattached it several times hoping it would finally stay seated.

I haven’t tried the 1 1/2in brush yet but that is my next task to see if it seats better than the 1in.

My 1F was just delivered yesterday so I am just getting everything set up. Will this small section of the brush not seating proper cause me issues when I actually go to cut?


Best try to squeeze it in with the end of a small Allen key. If it pops out during a carve, it may tangle in your bit.

I can push it in easily with my hands. It just doesn’t stay seated unless I hold it there.

You can probably just tac it with a little dab of hot melt glue. When you want to change the brush it should pop loose.

Sounds like you got a defective boot. I would use @OldNewbie suggestion in the mean time and contact support. There customer service is great, they will
Probably just send you a new boot.

The normal issue is that people can’t get the brush in.

For reference - I had to force mine in all the way around.

Mine sort of has the same issue. I have to say, the dust boot leaves quite a bit to be desired. Getting the brushes in proved to be tremendously difficult.


From the looks of your photo it looks to me you might have the brushed backwards. They seem to more naturally fold one way vs the other. The bristles should slightly face outward and you’re photo’s look like they are facing more inward.

When the in their preferred direction the spline seems to stay put in the housing. This is an injection molded part so the likelihood of it being a “defective boot” is pretty low (not impossible though).



I tried the brush both ways and it’s the same result. I still haven’t got around to trying the other brush to see if it does the same thing.

I’ll try and test that today but I want to bring the brush in the house because the garage is not heated and we got some snow earlier this week.