Magnetic Replacement for Suckit Router Shield - Now Available

Tired of shattered dust shields? Tired of having a plate that isn’t the right size for optimal dust control. Well look no further.

This is a a set of Magnetic Quick Swap Plates. Include four pieces, the base plate and three smaller magnetic swap plates.

The base plate is designed to accommodate flattening bits with the smaller plates in the following size to accommodate all your bits protection needs.

The diameters are as follows:

Main Plate: 45 mm -1.77 in
Large Plate: 35 mm - 1.38 in
Medium Plate: 25 mm 0.98 in
Small Plate: 11 mm 0.43 in

Also these plates are not made of acrylic like the original rather, polycarbonate/Lexan this plastic is extremely impact resistant so if your bit hits the plate you will likely have small chip rather than shattered plate.

Note: Display stand shown in picture is not include.

Here is a coupon code that will be valid for the next week: HBMAGLAUNCH10

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John these are awesome and well made! Thanks for letting me test them out! I have had zero problems over the past several months!!

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Peter, thanks for the help and the feedback.

Hi John -these look great; on my way to purchasing but the coupon code does not seem to be working for me. Can you check?


That looks the same as what I have on my end. I just tested it thru my personal account and it seemed to work. Make sure you are putting it under “Shop Coupon Codes” instead of “Etsy Coupon Codes”. I have made that mistake a couple times. The link below should also plug it in as well. Please let me know if that doesn’t resolve it. Appreciate the support!

Ah, many thanks. I was definitely using the Etsy code. Excellent work!

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Thank you for order, can’t wait for you to try it out!

Thanks John - I destroyed the smaller one and now chips are flying everywhere with the big one. Happy to support cool tools by makers!

Just wanted to share this video Tom, The Guru, @cyberreefguru put out yesterday.

Thanks John!

Don’t forget the coupon code in the description :slight_smile:

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