Is anyone using formZ?


I assembled my 1F this past week-end.
I ran some tests with Carbide Create. Now I am looking into selecting my tooling, CAD and CAM. I have installed many demos and, while researching and testing, I found formZ which appears to be a little known product but very powerful, fast and intuitive.

For the first time in all these tests I felt comfortable with the UX, which is a very important consideration for me. I tend to prefer tools that feel right under my trackpad over popular tools, a very personal decision in other words.

In addition to what I consider an intuitive interface, formZ has a flatten tool that turns the 3D creation into a flat surface for machining. And it supports parametric editing with Python scripting! As a developer, I’m very tempted.

Last but not least it is critical to me that the software I choose run natively on macOS. I do not want to run on a Windows emulator.

However it appears that formZ is a less popular, less well-known product. I’m not concerned with popularity but I am curious if other 1Fers are using formZ and, if so, what their experience has been.


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