Is there a list of usable machine parameters for the MASSO?

I’ve seen a few posts referencing parameters such as #5221 and #5241 for the X offset for g54 and g55 respectively. Is there a list of these somewhere?

So far my searches here in the forum and in google at large have only mentioned a few of the most common results, but I’m specifically wanting to find out if there are parameters that correspond to the machine coordinates so that I can code a custom probing cycle in g code.

Hey Moar,

these are numbered parameters and are a part of g-code standard. It may be that not all numbered parameters are available on every CNC controller. The Buildbotics CNC Controller has its g-code patterned after the LinuxCNC g-code dialect, and the parameters are listed here.

The coordinate systems G54–G59.3 and their numbered parameters are described here and the corresponding G54–G59.3 commands here.

Image: RS274/NGC parameters table.

For moving in machine coordinates, there is the G53 command.

For G53 coordinates, on LinuxCNC and controllers with g-code patterned after LinuxCNC g-code dialect, there are the parameters #<_abs_x>, #<_abs_y>, #<_abs_z>, #<_abs_a> etc. but they do not work on the Onefinity/Buildbotics controller (don’t know for the MASSO, please report). A workaround on the Onefinity/Buildbotics is to use [#<_x> + #<_offset_x>]

Thanks for that. That’s exactly what I was looking for. As for moving in machine coordinates, that’s not what I’m trying to do. I was wanting to be able to probe xyz in a given work coordinate system, record the machine cords, probe in a different work coordinate system and read the machine coordinates. Then compute the midpoint and set that as my new g54 work zero. All I was missing was a way to measure in machine coordinates so that I could compute the midpoint.

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