Issue with 2sided carving

So I have a onefinity journeyman with a 2.2 spindle. Got it in April 2022. Have loved it.

This month I tried my hand at 2 sided carving designed in Vectric Pro. Design looked great in preview. Everything lined up. Ran the job and the two sides didn’t line up. Thought I flipped it wrong so tried again. No joy. This time the bottom side had the image and text switched (there’s two components). So I ran it a third time and the two components were offset from one side to the other.

I am baffled. I checked my files and re-saved them. But with the same random funkiness.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

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Hey Brent,

did you check your machine for rectangularity (squareness)?

For alignment of two-sided projects it is good to work with wood dowels in the wasteboard that fit into holes that go through the workpiece, or through a helper frame on which the workpiece is attached. A good video that shows this technique is this video.

  1. Here you see milling the reference holes on the 1st workpiece, top side

  2. Here you see milling the reference holes on the wasteboard and flipping workpiece over and positioning it with the wood dowels in the reference holes

    Note that when flipping over the workpiece, if the four reference holes don’t fit, your machine is not square and you got to adjust its rectangularity (squareness).

  3. Here you see milling the template’s outer dimensions on the wasteboard and the reference holes are drilled into the 2nd workpiece

  4. Here you first mill a pocket for a a protruding part of 2nd workpiece, then the workpiece is attached to the template and the reference holes are milled

  5. Here you see how the 2nd workpiece is flipped over and wood dowels are used to position it on the template